Schweizer/Suisse/Svizzera = Switzerland

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With 4 official languages, Switzerland is a very diverse and amazing country for such a small area. Officially the Confederation Helvetic (CHE), it is dominated by the Alps - villages that hang onto cliffs capable of being reached primarily by cable car only, (and home to the most cable cars per captia), the Mountains pose less of an obstacle then you might think.

Switzerland also has over 1500 lakes from the glaciers/snow runoff and is the source of 3 major European rivers: The Rhine, the Rhone and the Po.

In short, it is a place of spectacular beauty that will in fact take your breath away. From the purest lakes to the highest peaks in Europe, The amazing natural beauty never stops to amaze you here - New photographs will now always appear on page 1, while older photos migrate to the back pages, sharing a change made to the most active galleries on my site - enjoy!
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